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Dretec kitchen timer & clock T-792

Dretec kitchen timer & clock T-792

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Kitchen timer clock T-792 by dretec

Simple and stylish, with a brighter LCD screen, the digital display is clearer, and it can be easily seen even from a distance!


Large screen and bold letter display
Timer & Clock functions
• Clock mode (AMPM / 24 hours)
Quick setting via 6 buttons: "10min", "1min", "10sec", "Reset", "Timer/Clock", "Start/Stop"
Countdown & Stopwatch
• Short Alarm: ring stops quickly after 15sec
• Repeat function: once the alarm is stopped, the original set time is displayed
Selectable way of setting (wall hook, stand, neodymium magnets x2) 
Stylish matte finish

Product specifications

  • English buttons and display
  • Product size: W80×D21×H80mm
  • Product weight: 74g
  • Battery: AAA battery 1pc
  • Battery life: ≈ one year (when operating 30s / day)
  • Display: 4 digits of liquid crystal digital
  • Max set time: 99min 50s
  • Count-up max measurement time: 99min 59s
  • Operating temperature range: 0〜40℃
  • Clock precision: ± 30s difference / month
  • Alarm ringing time: 15s
  • English & French manuals included
  • Original Japanese packaging
  • Barcode number:
    • T-792GN: 4536117038187
    • T-792DG: 4536117038194
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Easy to operate & Steady design

The screen is large and clearly visible.

In addition, the buttons are large, steady and easy to press, so you can set the time without stress!

Not only is it great for cooking but also for managing your study time.

Timer functions

The large screen is easy to read and it comes with Countdown, Count-up, and Repeat functions for a variety of uses.

Standing features

The T-792 timer comes with magnets, stand and wall hook so you can use it anywhere!

3-Way stand

Magnetic application
➯ 2 strong neodymium magnets make it easy to stick to your refrigerator.

Hanging hook
➯ comes with a hook for wall mounting.

➯ also comes with a stand so you can stand it up!

Quick settings & Clock display

The buttons are set up for 10 minutes, 1 minute, and 10 seconds, so you can set it up easily and quickly for a long time.

When not using it as a timer, it can also be used as a clock by just pressing one button.

"AM/PM" and "24 hours" display are both avaiable.

Product size & weight

➯ W80×D21×H80mm

➯ 74g

Chose your style!

Green model available in our store!
English and french user manuals are also included.