Study planner guide

The study planner is specifically designed for students, particularly those in higher education seeking a more advanced organizational methodology.

Created to be fun, high-quality, and sturdy! Both its design and features have been enhanced and simplified for quick and easy use.

Here, you'll find an illustrated guide to harness the full potential of your study planner!

Identify your planner

Define the year and planner number for the academic year on the first page!

Keep your planners organized throughout the year!

Set your Goal!

Choose the main goal(s) to focus on for three full months to stay mindful of your priorities!

Remember to prioritize for greater efficiency.

Year overview

Get a comprehensive view of the year you want to plan, like a calendar without a set year!

Year Plan

Plan the entire year in detail and note down all the significant events and goals for quick reference!

Grade Tracker

Add your grades during the planner's use and compare them with the grades you're targeting each month!

(Grade tracker x4)

Habits Tracker

Add and monitor your planned habits, keeping track of your current habits, or those you want to implement, and being honest with yourself by ticking only those you've actually completed for a clear monthly review!

(Habits tracker x4)

Monthly Plan

Plan each day of the month or only those that are meaningful to you!

(Monthly plan x4)

Spaced Repetition

Employ the spaced repetition method for more efficient learning.
Use your own rules to evaluate the effectiveness of your revisions, and a date for each "Rep" or any relevant information to help you progress.

Your path to mastery depends on you!

(Spaced repetition x4)

Weekly Plan & Review

Plan your study week and review it at the end by ticking your objectives or adding colors to the boxes!

Seven blocks are available for each day of the week; fill in the day yourself or add it later for uncertain events.
A bonus block lets you include notes, highlights, achievements, or review essential points!

Each weekly plan is followed by 7 daily plan pages (for a full week).

(Weekly plan & review x15)

Daily Plan (A)

Plan your study day in detail!
Write down your main goals for the day and your to-do list, stick to them and adjust if necessary.

➯ Easily keep track of your total study time by choosing the "10 min" method (each square = 10min)

*10min count method used in time table

Daily Plan (B)

➯ Also, keep track of your total "sessions" – ideal for Pomodoro technique users! (each square = 1 session)

(Daily Plan x105 = 15 weeks)

*Session count method used in time table.

Free Notes

There are a total of 28 free note pages (14 dot grid and 14 square grid).

PS: The number of pages mentioned in the planner (34p) will be updated in the next revision.

Final Review

Conclude your three months of study with a final review.