✨Blog and Forum launch✨

✨Blog and Forum launch✨

Welcome to the cozygloo blog!

cozygloo is an e-commerce project with an ambitious objective: to make your life easier!
It combines two concepts: the enveloping warmth ☀️ of a "cozy" home and the refuge of an "igloo", isolated from the surrounding hubbub. 🙉

To get closer to these ambiences, we have selected the most fun, aesthetic, and useful products to facilitate the return to oneself. 🧘‍♀️

This was followed by the making of a unique planner that met our requirements (paper quality, structure, design). This is to keep track of our goals and progress. 📝
We offer timers that are popular in Japan and very much appreciated by Korean students. They are perfect for learning how to manage your time better!

Working with a planner and a timer is not a common thing in Europe, so your support will be crucial! We will appreciate your valuable contributions and count on you to spread the news massively if you appreciate our products! 🙏

If, like us, you want to limit the use of your smartphones, don't hesitate to have a look at our catalog, you might find what you are looking for! 👀

We will be happy to answer your questions, suggestions, messages and to see constructive and benevolent discussions flourish within the community. We will make it a point to keep a cozy and respectful atmosphere. 😊


The cozygloo team

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